Course Title


Who Should Attend?

Hazardous Waste Management and Pollution Prevention

This course is suitable for Engineers and Technicians, Managers and Supervisors & Project Leaders and covers the management of hazardous waste material and make participants aware of the legal and regulatory aspects of pollution.

Best Practice in Sewage and Effluent Treatment Technologies

2 Days

This workshop is for anyone responsible for managing and operating sewage treatment facilities, Design engineers and Technicians and will help you to install an effective system and make it very practical and relevant to your applications.

Handling Chemicals and Chemical Processes - Tips, Tricks and Tools

2 Days

This course will help you troubleshoot chemical processes and process equipment and understand process design activities and is best suited for Environmental Engineers, Operators & Laboratory technicians, Process development engineers & Shift trades staffs.

IEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management

10 Days

This course is for people who have a responsibility for environmental management in their organisation like Engineers, Managers & Consultants. Associate Membership of the Institute of Environmental Management is gained on successful completion of the course.

IEMA Environmental Awareness

1 Day

This course is for individuals with a general interest and or responsibilities for environmental performance in organisations.
This gives an understanding of the environmental field, including climatic stability, air, water, primary resources, waste recycling and linking them to business/organisational activities.

IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

This course is aimed at those who have only recently become involved in environmental management or for whom environmental management is an integral part of a wide range of responsibilities.

IEMA International Associate Certificate in Environmental Management

This internationally accredited course has been designed for people who have a responsibility for environmental issues and their management and its implications for their organisation.