Business Management & Marketing
Course Title Duration Who Should Attend?
Practical Financial Fundamentals & Project Investment Decision Making 3 Days This course is aimed at Engineers, Accountants, Supervisors, Technicians and provides with the fundamentals of financial management from a practical engineering and technology perspective.
IoSCM Level 3 Award in Supply Chain Management 7 Days This course will develop your understanding of the supply function as a whole. It explores the issues that can arise in managing a supply chain and offers guidance in overcoming them. The IoSCM Level 3 Award qualification in SCM is awarded by SFEDI awards, a UK Ofqual approved awarding body. It has a QCF Level 3 Credit Value of 9.
IoSCM Level 5 Award in Supply Chain Management 10 Days This unit develops your skill in managing a supply chain. It addresses areas such as harmonisation, functionality, strategy and the impact that globalisation has on the supply function.TheIoSCM Level 5 Award qualification in SCM is awarded by SFEDI awards, a UK Ofqual-approved awarding body. It has a QCF Level 5 Credit Value of 10.
Specifications in the Contracting & Procurement Process 5 Days This course is essential for any technical and commercial managers responsible for specifications in the procurement process. You will learn the legal importance of the specification and how it relates to other key contractual documents, including enquiry documents, invitations to tender, consortium agreements, and the contract itself.
Practical Shutdown & Turnaround Management for Engineers and Managers 2 Days This workshop gives Managers, Engineers & Technicians an excellent review of shutdown management from the perspective of someone who has done it from the trenches.
Engineering Leadership - Making the Transition from Engineer to Leader 5 Days This Workshop is designed in such a way that mid-level executives and technical professionals can easily update their leadership skills and position themselves to adopt a leadership role in their respective organisations.
The Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Management 5 Days This course is designed for non-technical personnel across all operational or supporting service departments who need to develop a broader and credible understanding of the oil and gas business.
The Economics of Exploration and Production in the Oil and Gas Industry 5 Days This introductory course is intended for Managers, Engineers, Accounting/Commercial Officers and other personnel who need to develop or improve their skills and understanding of basic economic analysis and profitability of petroleum exploration and production.
Budget Development and Management 5 Days This course is designed for all people within any type of organisation (mainly Managers) who are responsible for budgets, whether the development of the budget or its management.
Cross-cultural awareness: understanding the impacts of cultural differences in the workplace 5 Days The program is designed for all Managers and HR Specialists that work for a multi-national organisation, especially when working in or with a multi-national team.
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