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EHS awareness has gained substantial importance in Asia generally and Qatar especially, due to international regulation and governmental experiences with large scale development projects. Oil production, mining industries, construction and industrial activities, bring with them adverse environmental impacts.. This creates major threats and responsibilities for public and governmental organizations to attain specific standards in order to achieve development targets and also a responsibility to control the associated risks that the environment, people and resourcesare exposed to.

Our experts have extensive experience in conducting preliminary environmental feasibility studies and in undertaking full scale EIAs in all sectors. We are also experienced in developing the necessary environmental management plans to ensure the appropriate level of environmental management and compliance during the construction and operation phases of both green-field and brown-field developments exists.. With our in house social development team, GEESC undertakes a range of social impact assessments, stakeholder / community engagement and social development planning to meet the requirements of any project. Based on our technical and regulatory expertise, we have successfully negotiated permits for challenging situations such as coastal set-back, conservation sites, archaeological sites, project early works, contaminated site remediation, marine dredging, land reclamation, beach wells and previously non-compliant facilities.

To assist organizations understand their current environmental status and produce effective solutions for delivering environmental management objectives.

Identification and quantification of waste streams and the selection of feasible yet environmentally friendly solutions and plans for solid waste management. Proper management of municipal and industrial waste is 'the key'to minimizing the risks of contamination and pollution to health and the environment. Our experts have considerable experience in providing waste management and minimisation solutions to clients and we have a network of technology providers to handle different types of wastes. We have developed several waste management strategies for major oil and gas companies and have also provided technical advisory services to the government sectors. Additionally, we have audited several waste management facilities in municipalities, the oil & gas, petrochemical and metallurgy industries.

Performed HW Inspections and follow-up written reporting for both recordkeeping (i.e., manifests) and for storage containers.

Design and consultancy of fresh and wastewater treatment units and networks. In addition, establishing appropriate water quality monitoring programs.

Onsite environmental monitoring and inspection plans as well as preparation of safe working procedures and manuals.. A well planned development takes into consideration a myriad of factors involving a multidisciplinary team of experts to provide inputs so that environmental, coastal, marine, socioeconomic, cultural, land use, ecological, economical, architectural, infrastructure, transportation, utilities and resources are taken into consideration. Green Energy with its experts and professional associates is ready to undertake a comprehensive range of urban, regional, local and strategic planning studies for various sectors of development. Our extended team includes planners, architects, engineers, coastal engineers, environmental specialists, socio-economic specialists, GIS experts and infrastructure and utility engineers who deliver a whole range of planning and feasibility studies.

Air emission inventories, pollution control system design, human health risk assessment and best available technology (BAT). Industrial, commercial and regional developments impact on ambient air and noise quality which have to be managed from an environmental, social and health perspective. Green Energy is capable of conducting air and noise quality assessments and undertaking impact prediction studies using certified computer software packages. Green Energy is ready to model and develop suitable management strategies for a variety of complicated air quality issues in sensitive areas including H2S emissions from sour oil & gas installationsand hydrocarbon emissions from bulk tankage of petroleum products and chemicals. We can conduct noise studies as part of Front End Engineering Design (FEED) to delineate high noise areas and identify control measures.

Groundwater supply, monitoring, quality analysis, contaminant transports modelling and groundwater management systems. Throughout the Middle East and North Africa Region, groundwater is a precious resource that requires appropriate management to ensure its long term sustainable use and protection. Green Energy has specialist capabilities to provide a range of hydro geological and water resource management services. We also maintain a range of portable equipment for water quality sampling, monitoring and assessment.

Climate data monitoring, wind and wave monitoring, automatic stream flow monitoring, water quality and sediment sampling and monitoring, and stochastic data generation.

To establish the current status of your organization and to set up a planning strategy for achieving legal compliance.

To formally document your organization's commitment to implement the EHS practices that are appropriate for the types of hazards and risks to which people and the environment may be exposed. Preparation of Health & Safety documentation for tenders, insurance or financial purposes.

To determine the environmental condition of a particular site and the possibility of hazardous contamination to thearea. These often include historical record reviews, owner and resident interviews, site inspections of the property, and a review of neighbouring properties.

To put in place the organizational infrastructure needed to introduce and operate the changes.

To undertake risk assessments and implement control measures to ensure risks are properly managed

Experts in GEESC have domain knowledge of fault tree analysis which helps to develop such plan covering all areas of the process to develop a fool-proof plan.

Green Energy and Environmental Services Experts with its International Associates Asia Carbon Global (ACG) and Carbon Advisory Team (GEC AT) offers a wide-range of carbon advisory services to develop Greenhous Gas (GHG) Emission Reduction Credits for clients. Asia Carbon Global (ACG) are established in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and China to execute Carbon Advisory (CDM) project documentation at significantly lower transaction costs.

Asia Carbon Asset Development Facility (ACADFTM) is the service offered by our associates (ACG) which complements ACG's Carbon Advisory Services. The Facility assists project developers in executing CDM development of eligible projects on a no-cure, no-pay basis. Upon successful registration of such CDM projects with the CDM EB, a reimbursement of the CDM costs and a success fee based on a suitable percentage of the volume of the CERs generated are charged by the facility to the project owners. The project owners also provide a mandate to ACADFTM to manage the CERs generated.

Our experts are experienced in undertaking site investigations and incident reviews, including that for hydrocarbon contamination, in accordance with recognized international standards. These investigations are used to identify the environmental condition of the site, the extent of contamination and to develop suitable remediation / action plans. We are also involved in managing the cleanup of contaminated sites and validating sites once the remediation has been complete. Green Energy's experts pioneered groundwater remediation at a historic leaking underground storage tank and successfully reached acceptable clean up levels. Our experts have also managed to run a large scale soil bio remediation project through land farming and other bio remediation techniques.

Qualifying companies for the purpose of being certified for the ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 & 22001 management systems

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