Course Title Duration Who Should Attend?
Gas Turbines: Fundamentals, Maintenance, Inspection & Troubleshooting 5 Days This is an excellent course for those who are new to gas turbines and more experienced technical personnel who want an overview of the operation and available technologies of gas turbines.
Performance Monitoring of Pumps and Compressors 5 Days This workshop covers in detail, the technique of performance monitoring as applied to centrifugal pumps and positive displacement, centrifugal and axial flow compressors and is suitable for Asset & Contract Managers, Engineers & Planners.
Practical Boiler Plant Operation and Management for Engineers and Technicians 5 Days This workshop will help Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Installers and Repairers to gain the most up-to-date information and practical understanding of the installation, operation, maintenance and management of boiler plants.
Practical Fundamentals of Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC) for Engineers & Technicians 5 Days This workshop is designed for engineers and technicians from a wide range of abilities and backgrounds and will provide an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.
Pipeline Systems - Design, Construction, Maintenance and Asset Management 2 Days This intensive training covers the practical aspects of pipeline design, integrity, maintenance and repair and is best suited for Engineers, Managers, Contractors, Planners
Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance 2 Days This practical workshop provides a detailed examination of the detection, location and diagnosis of faults in rotating and reciprocating machinery using vibration analysis and is suitable for Engineers, Technicians & Electricians.
Practical Pumps - Design, Operation and Maintenance for Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps 2 Days This comprehensive workshop discusses pump construction, design applications, operations and maintenance issues and be provided with the most up-to-date information and best practice in dealing with the subject for Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians& Designers.
Electrical Engineering
Course Title Duration Who Should Attend?
Safe Operations Maintenance Of Circuit Breakers And Switchgear For Utilities 4 Days Safe Operation & Maintenance of Circuit Breakers and Switchgear is intended for Electrical Engineers, Electrical Supervisors, Senior Electrical Technicians engaged in the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting, of circuit breakers, interruptive devices and sub-stations. The systems to be discussed will mainly fall within the voltage range 11-132kV. System calculations will be undertaken for typical utility type installations.
Electrical Installations & Maintenance 5 Days Skilled technicians, engineers and supervisors who require a working knowledge or have a direct responsibility for the operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting of UPS systems, inverters, and power conditioners.
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